Introduction: Flying Witch

How it works?

You need basically three things for flying: speed, airfoil and control surfaces, you can see all of them in the witch.

Step 1: Plans

Here you have the plans, if you haven't a A0 printer don't worry, the PDF file contains the plans in A4 format.

Remember that parts 5,8 and 9 are control surfaces:

5 - Rudder

8 & 9 - Elevator

Step 2: Material

Depron, is a foam family product, lightweight and easy to cut.

Step 3: RC Parts

This instructable uses same parts than RC airplanes such a:

Motor (x1):

ESC (x1) (Electronic Speed Control);

Propeller (x1):

Servomotor (x2):

Lipo Battery (2S 600mAh x1):

And a receiver for your transmitter... haven't?.

Step 4: Tools

To cut depron: cutter or scalpel

To glue depron; Hot silicone gun

Reinforcing structure: Carbon fiber rods (3 mm)

Connect servos with control surface: Carbon fiber rods (2 mm)

For control surface hinge: standard adhesive tape

Step 5: Learn to Fly (if Necessary Only)

No, i don't speak about Foo Fighters song but it will be more fun if you know... Enjoy.

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