Flying Fish




Introduction: Flying Fish

A spinning, flying paper creature. Super easy can be made in under a minute. Really cool to drop off of tall structures.

Step 1: Materials

This is got to be the easiest paper creatures ever made and probably the most enjoyable as well. All you need is a few materials before you get started...

One piece of regular printer paper
A pair of scissors
Ruler (Optional)
Pebble (Optional )

Once you have these you can begin...

Step 2: Assembly

This is extremely easy. If you cant follow them well...

A) Cut a 1 - 1.5 inch strip of paper

B) Approximately 1.5 inches into the paper cut halfway through the paper. Repeat on the opposite side of the paper bit on the opposing side. (just look at pic 2 cut like this on black line)

C) Put the ends of the paper together just like in pic 3

Step 3: How to Launch

Launch is pretty simple. It just takes practice. You hold the top of the fish with your index finger and thumb. You then just flick your wrist back and it should float back to earth. This works great inside but if you are outside you can put a small pebble in the nose of the fish and throw it up. I have gotten this up about twenty feet. It is so cool how it spins back down. Just make sure to be careful for people nearby so they don't get hurt by the pebble.

Sometimes my friends and I build a bunch and launch them off my deck to try to get them in a hula hoop or other target.

Flying fish can be built in all sizes. Just keep in mind the bigger they are the slower they spin.

I wonder how big someone can make one... post pics

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    Would you believe that I spend a whole week every year using these to teach basic science investigation skills to nine and ten year olds? So easy to make, yet so many things to vary and so many things to measure and plot. Ideal.