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Introduction: Foam Board Shelf

About: I make things for fun and regular use, I don't have many materials at hand so I make anything I can work with

Things you will need:

* 3 Black foam boards

* 2 White foam boards

* Glue gun

* Glue sticks

While I was making this project, I ran into some errors, so be careful while making big structures glued together with a glue gun, put in mind that the glue sets very quickly unless you have a very powerful glue gun. and you have to act fast before the glue sets if the angle are incorrect.

Step 1: 3D Model

First I Created a 3D model of the shelf to visualize it and make some design choices, this step isn't necessary but I like 3D Design as a hobby.

here is the link:

For Measurements :

For Model :

While making this model I actually made the choice to implement some square pieces in between the shelves to add better support and stability.

Step 2: Virtual to Physical

After I finished the model I got three black foam boards, and 2 white boards.

Then I Used the measurements from the model and cut the boards into smaller individual pieces for gluing later on with a glue gun

Step 3: Gluing the Parts

After the pieces have been cut. warm your glue gun for 10 minutes (make sure you have a good glue gun to get the most glue out of the gun at the shortest time), start with gluing the base to the back then follow it with the sides after the glue sets, after the basic box has been done add the shelves, start gluing the bottom then the sides.

you might see that I have a small error with the top shelf because the angle wasn't a perfect 90 degree corner, so make sure the angles are correct before you get it to set.

Step 4: More Gluing

Finally just add the square pieces to the shelves and the supporting triangles.

then after you are done, fix your mistakes if you have any

If you don't have any mistakes then you are free to use the shelf!

you can use it vertically(More storage) or horizontally(Longer items)

Step 5: Fixing Mistakes

I fixed my misplaced board by gently removing it without damaging the board using a sharp cutter then i removed the remaining Pieces and colored the white remnants with a black marker and i re-glued the parts I removed then the shelf became an accurate to the model and ready for use

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    Nice design. I used to make similar shelves when I was working in a theater. The foam construction made them really light and easy to take on and off stage.