Introduction: Foam Build: Mandalorian Armour WIP

About: i am an aspiring prop maker and keen sci-fi fan. i found this site a few years back and i did not know i'd ever love it this much! i'm mostly into Assassin's Creed cosply and Star Wars Cosplay.

Hello everybody, Bella's back and i'm coming at you with a new instructable, this time, another WIP on mando armour, heavily inspired by Jango Fett. Jango Fett was my favourite childhood baddie, next to Darth Vader. I loved the look of his armour and i have always liked the bounty hunters, especially the mystery around Boba (i know the clone wars kind of went in on how he became the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy but i never managed to keep up with it) The jetpacking, heavily armed bounty hunter from New Zealand is finally being built. I have added in a few things into it that weren't on Jango but i thought would look nice.

I've built this from Foamboard, an industrial spray paint from toolstation, a Silverline heat gun and a bog standard craft knife, plus some templates from the Mando Mercs, which i will leave a link to for those of you who want to build your own armour.


Step 1: The Makings of a Bounty Hunter

using two sheets of A2 Foamboard (they're the £4.20 sheets) and the scaled templates to my size, i trace out the templates onto foam, and with the craft knife, i cut out the templates and fired up my heat gun.

Step 2: Gunnin' It

I set the heat gun on setting 1, which was roughly 350C, i then slowly started bending my armour into shape with it. Altyhough, a few little burn marks are present on the other side where i formed it from. It takes time to mold it into shape but goes rigid once cooled. best way to know where you want it to bend, put marks on the side that won't be painted, as you can see the marks after painting (you can also use this to your advantage)

Step 3: Paint, and Lots of It

I used an industrial quicksilver paint for the silver and lightly applied it to each part, layer after layer. eventually i ended up with this glossyish silver which i quite like. Once i've built all of my armour pieces, i will get to work on clearcoating it all.

Step 4: Mando Markings

This was done on my right shoulder, remember how i said earlier that you can use that marking to your advantage? here you can, i drew on a Mandalorian insignian onto my right shoulder bell which left the entire sketch outline, following the lines carefully, i filled in the outline with red, this is my result.

Step 5: A Bounty on Your Head...

So for this step, i bought myself a Boba Fett electronic helmet and modded it into Jango's helmet (keeping the dent because i thought it looked nice)

I started off by priming the helmet (silly me didn't take a picture of this)

Then coated it with industrial quicksilver paint

Then detailed it with blue electrical tape, i took great measures to keep the rangefinder light intact as i thought that having the rangefinder still light up would be cool.

This is as much detail as i can go into with this as it's really straight forward.

Step 6: The Torso Armour

This bit is a NIGHTMARE to get right. Using your armour pieces, begin to split pin them to your oversized black T shirt, bear in mind that these need to be straight and line up with the diamond, what i did was lined up the diamond with the middle ofthe T-shirt collar and worked down from there, then you can line up the chest pieces according to the centre diamond. The shoulders are a breeze, split pin the top of the shoulder armour to the point where the arm of the T-shirt begings to go diagonally and then another split pin at the bottom of the armour. The belly armour needs 3 split pins, one in either side of the armour and one in the centre. The collar will be even harder, as this needs to be velcroed on so it's easier to take off, again, either side needs to line up with the shoulders of the shirt.