Introduction: Foam Iron Man Helmet (cheap Version)

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1) Foam- Some people recommend EVA foam. I just used camping foam. (You can buy it at Walmart for about $9).

2) Craft Knife- I used a Stanley but you can use whatever brand you want as long as the cutting part is large enough to go all the way through the foam.

3) Paint Primer- You don't have to have this because spray paint will stick to foam but primer will make it look much better in the long run.

4) Spray Paint- I used red and gold but you can do any color scene you want.

5) Pepakura Designer or Pepakura Viewer- Basically the software we are going to use for get templates.

6) Lights and/or electronics- Just to give it some flare.

7) Glue Gun and Glue Sticks- Used to put all the foam pieces together.
Once you have all the materials you can get started!

Step 1: Finding Good Pepakura Files

Finding good Pepakura files is not hard. Google search "Foam Iron Man Helmet Pepkura Files".

If anyone tries to sell you Pepakura files, they are scamming you.

Before you download the Pepakura files, you need to download Either Pepakura Viewer or Pepakura Designer. Both are free, but Pepakura Desinger enables you to scale your builds.

Scale? What does that mean?
Scaling is basically changing the dimensions of a 3D model so that it fits you.

Once you have Pepakura Viewer/ Designer and your Pepakura files, you can print the files out onto paper.

*do not try to print on foam, it doesn't work. (duh)

Step 2: Cutting Out the Foam Pieces

To cut out your foam prices, you should first cut out the paper pieces that you just printed.

Once you have done that, trace the paper pieces onto the foam using a sharpie or pen. (I recommend sharpies due to their ability to mark almost every surface and the regular versions will not pierce the foam)

Next, just cut out all of the pieces.

*Remember to use a cutting mat.

Step 3: Glueing the Pieces Together

I used a hot glue gun because it won't melt the foam like some super glues and also can be used as a filler if there are any holes between the foam pieces.

*hot glue really is hot. Mind your fingers

*Hot glue can give the effect of pieces looking like they have been welded together, perfect for a metal look. (This is after the glue has been painted of course)

Step 4: Priming and Painting

After you have glued all the pieces together and are happy with the shape of the helmet, it is time to prime and paint it.

First prime the helmet by giving it one or two coats of primer. After it is completely dry, you can paint it.

To mask of areas that you want to be another color than what you are getting ready to paint, just use masking tape and paper or simply use scotch tape as the foam is strong enough have regular tape placed and pulled off without tearing.

Let the paint dry for the recommended time stated on the can.

Once the paint is done drying, CONGRATULATIONS! You have your very own Foam Iron Man Helmet!

Step 5: Electronics and Lights

This step is completely optional.

For eye lights-
Buy some LEDs and wire them up to a battery. You can include a small switch if you want. Place two LEDs on the sides of each eye. Put reflective (sunglasses) lenses behind the LEDs to keep from blinding yourself.

Automated Faceplate-
Look it up on YouTube. (For people with programming knowledge and skill)

I used a rubber band that would keep the faceplate up if I pushed it up. (Simple and cheap)