Introduction: Foam Rocket With Launcher

Hi, in this tutorial i want show you how you build a rocket from a swim noodle and

a Rocket launcher from a Pango.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Hot Glue Gun

Dremel Tool

Hobby Knife

Cable Duct "Drill"


Pool Noodle


Cable Duct

The "Drill" is a jagged piece of cable duct.

Step 2: Cut the Foam

Cut the Foam to the desired length and

dremel the tip to a round shape.

(in my case the length of a Nerf Titan Rocket)

Step 3: The Tail Fins

Step 1

Cut a piece at the desired length of the noodle and cut lengthwise slices from it.

Step 2

Cutting triangles from the slices.

Step 4: The Rocket Body

Take the previously cut piece of noodle (step 2) and cut 3 grooves for the tail fins.

Then drill the hole for the Rocket launcher in the middle of the body.

(Make sure that you do not drill too deep)

Step 5: Attach the Tail Fins

Hot Glue the tail fins in the Grooves.

Step 6: The Rocket Launcher

The Rocket is ready, now comes the Rocket Launcher.

Take the Pango and glue the piece of cable duct on the nozzle as launcher tube.

Step 7: Launch the Rocket

Here is an older version of it for the Nerf Titan.

Nerf Titan Rocket

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