Introduction: Foam Toothbrush Prop

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This is a foam toothbrush prop I made for a clown friend. Enjoy!


Here you can see the entire building process...with a little wacky thrown in for fun.

Step 2: Before You Start...

I used my bandsaw for this projects, but you can easily use an electric turkey carver or a very sharp razor. My bandsaw tends to grab the foam and pull it. To help prevent this, I found that a thin piece of plywood helps the foam slide better.

Step 3: Trace Your Design.

I made wooden templates for this design because I plan on making several and needed them to be similar. I traced the design onto the foam. I used upholstery foam for this. You can pick this up at most craft stores. If you wanted to save some cash, just look for old couch cushions.

Step 4: Cut Out the Design.

I ended up using my metal cutting bandsaw blade bc the teeth were smaller and didn't grab the foam as much. They do make blades specifically for this you can buy. Straight cuts are easy, but curved cuts tend to be a little trickier. If you go slow, you wont have a problem. I did notice that I got a lot of cut lines on the corners. The blade made for foam might reduce this.

Step 5: Paint Your Foam.

I just used regular spray paint for this. I found that the paint didn't cover the marker lines very well from when I traced the design on the foam. Make sure that you cut on or inside of the line so you don't have to worry about that. Most colors covered the foam pretty well, except for white. I tried about 4 different brands and white just didn't seem to soak in the foam as well as the other colors.

Step 6: Glue the Pieces Together

I used rubber cement to connect the two pieces together. Coat both sides of the foam and glue together. I ended up using a board to weigh the foam down just enough while the cement set. I didn't want anything too heavy. A board was just right.

Step 7: Finished!

There you have it! Foam toothbrush prop. This one is for a clown that I know.

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