Introduction: Foama Aroma Essential Oils Liquid Soap

Essential oils: they seem to energize the mind and the spirit. They don't have the heaviness of perfume and they seem to be imbued with a brighter and cleaner smell.

Fragrant soaps seem to have a problem, leaving their heavy scent on you, which may or may not be your personal preference.

My idea is combining essential oils with liquid soap, to make your perfect body / hand wash.

Step 1: Commercial VS Home Made

Soap making is a skill that I do not possess.

So I took the DIY approach finding things available and creating something new. This instructable does just that.


I wanted a liquid soap that I could use in a foaming dispenser as well as in a shower.

Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (which I love) was way too thin, and I tried adding glycerin and even Neutrogena soap and it just did not work.

So I turned to other liquid soaps. I was looking specifically for unscented soaps (which in itself became a search)

and discovered...

Step 2: The 'ol Softsoap.

This is my personal favorite, you can use any unscented liquid hand soap. I liked the fact that it is antibacterial so it can be used for both hands and body.

This soap also has the correct viscosity for my needs and it mixes well with essential oils.

Step 3: Four Parts Soap, Two Drops Oil...

80 fl oz is the perfect mix for a standard size essential oil bottle (15ml / .51 oz) you may want to try a different mixture if you want it to be 'spicier'. It's really trial and error, to get the mix you like. BUT...


A concentrated amount of essential oil on your skin WILL BURN, as I discovered when trying to use it to give a lady friend a massage with it (embarrassed grin).

Step 4: Mixing and Making

I used a long wooden coffee stirrer and an electric drill. You want the liquid soap to mix with the essential oils, but you do not want to create a foamy mess.

You mix / stir for about 10 mins or until the bottle is cloudy.
(That means the air / oil / mixture is thru the whole bottle)

You also can flip the bottle upside down and back and forth and let the air bubble mix it, but it will take a LOT LONGER.

After it is fully mixed, let it sit for about 5 days and it will become clear again, and then USE AND ENJOY!

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