Foamcore Bulletin Board

Introduction: Foamcore Bulletin Board

FIRST! Really simple one here. Buy Foamcore, hang on the wall. I wanted to hang papers in the entryway to my room but I feel guilty for putting holes all over the walls. And you never have enough pushpins. I bought the double-thick Foamcore so the pushpins don't hit the wall. Check out the picture to see the thickness. Also, you can use sewing pins to hang things! I like to enter them at a 45 degree angle. Then you can also hang binder clips and other things on them. The hangers I used I got from an old job, they are plastic tabs, the bottom half is adhesive, the top has a hole punched in it. They won't hold a lot of weight but I think they're perfect. I suppose you could use Command adhesive strips too, but I would do the bottom corners also to make sure it stays put. YOU WILL NEED! AND SHALL NOT PASS! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Foamcore board. As many as you like, as large as you like. In a frame shop, Michael's or Hobby Lobby will do, you can ask them to cut custom sizes out of huge sheets for you. Oh, they have black too! 2. Pushpins or sewing pins 3. Binder clips or paper clips (optional) 4. Quirky paper holder (optional)

Step 1: Pin It! Pin It Good!

Into shape! Okay, that's enough. Buy a box of sewing pins, then stab away with them. Use binder clips, or paper clips on the things you'd rather not put holes in. Pictured is a pin holder I made when I was 5. Take a film canister, cut a hole in the lid. Get some cardboard a bit bigger than your hole. Get some fabric and some cotton balls. You can also use foam padding or fluff for stuffed animals. I guess that's a whole 'nother Instructable. ;)

Step 2: Bonus Quirky Step!

I bought this are Target, currently on Clearance in the dollar section! It has two pins on the back, and a rubber ring on the front that can hold papers or business cards. I'll try and find the link on soon.

Step 3: Ideas for Improvement

I think my next one will include screen door mesh, so it can be magnetic also. What do you think? Do you have other ideas to improve this Instructable? Let me know, I may love you forever.

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    5 years ago

    Dont u need to replsce the board every so often because it makes holes that dont heal? Im at my wits ends trying to find a huge cork board jat wont break the bank and its inpossible. Even rolls of cork are over 100$ if i wanted to use fiberboard :(