Introduction: Foamy Yeast Eruption

In this instructable, i will be demonstrating the chemical reaction between Hydrogen Peroxide and Dry Yeast.
This is a great experiment that i use when teaching my science class.

Step 1: Materials

Hydrogen Peroxide
An empty soda bottle
Dry yeast
Measuring cup
Empty cup
Small spoon
Measuring table spoon

Food coloring

Step 2: Pour the Peroxide

First, measure 3/4 of a cup of peroxide.

Then pour it into the soda bottle.

Step 3: Food Coloring

If you choose to, add food coloring to the bottle.(10-15 drops).

Step 4: Add Dishsoap

Add about two tablespoons of dish soap to the bottle.

Step 5: Shake It Up

Simply shake the mixture to blend all its contents

Step 6: Add the Yeast

Add about 2.5-3 tablespoons of dry yeast to the empty cup.
Then pour warm water in the cup as well.

Step 7: Mix It Up

Take the small spoon and mix the yeast until it becomes a watery substance like in the picture below.
(Note: I transferred the mixture to a larger cup for easier mixing)

Step 8: Ready for Action

Simply pour the yeast mixture into the soda bottle and watch it erupt.
Make sure to do this outside because it can get messy.

ATTN: The yeast i used was a year old, and was not as active as a new package of yeast would usually be. So in that case it was not as foamy as it should have been. i put a picture of what it usually looks like at the bottom.

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