Introduction: Fold Back Training Machine

I design this project because now everywhere are having coronavirus and people feel bored to stay at home doing nothing. This machine can train your body and your sprinting skills. This machine makes the people who loves but they can't go out to a far lace to train. And this is a very simple way to start your first Arduino project, because it's easy, easy to build and can have fun with it.

Let's get started! First watch the video and know how it works !

Video Link:

Step 1: What You'll Need

If you want to build this, you will need these components:

- Arduino, any Arduino compatible controller are ok.

- Breadboard

- a horn

- Jumper wire

- LCD board

- distance sensor

After finishing your project, for decoration, you will need:

- Any box that can protect and decorate your project. - A battery or a computer to give your project energy

Step 2: Build the Circuit

you will just need to follow the following the steps above. some of the things it's not on the website so i draw some of it.

Step 3: The Code

if you learn coding before, you will find this coding simplistic. The code comments lay out the logic of each section. The entire code is embedded here and you may download the sketch below.

Step 4: Build Your Box

you any paper box and cut them into the shape you want and the size you need. ( I used a paper box that is lucky fit my box.) you will need to cut three holes that can let your LCD board, distance sensor and a horn.