Introduction: Fold Down Work Table for X-Carve CNC Machine

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I love making things, as I'm sure you do too. My work space is small though, just a 12ft x 8ft shed. I have to make the most of the space I have so I designed this fold down table to house my X-Carve CNC machine.

If you would like to watch me make it, I have a video on my YouTube channel here:

Materials Used:

  • CLS Wood - 63mm x 38mm x 2400mm
  • Plywood - 18mm x 600mm x 1220mm X2
  • Tempered Hardboard (For Cladding)
  • Pocket Hole Screws
  • 4 M12 Coach Bolts
  • 4 M12 Nuts
  • 8 M12 Washers
  • Panel Pins
  • Roller Blind (for front cover)

Tools Used:

  • Mitre Saw
  • Pocket Hole Jig
  • Combi Drill
  • Hammer
  • Spanners

Step 1: Cut CLS to Length

I have a cutting list that shows you the dimensions I used but you can of course change them to suite your space and needs.

I just used a mitre saw to cut them to length. You can do this by hand but it will take a lot longer.

Step 2: Drill Pocket Holes & Assemble Parts

Next I just needed to drill the holes ready to recieve the pocket hole screws.

I know some people dont like the use of pocket holes but I personaly think for simple workshop furniture such as this they are great. Quick and easy to do and VERY strong.

Each end of the CLS lengths recieved 2 holes.

I like to use the hold down clamp on my mitre saw along with it fence to help keep the pieces secure and square while I drive the screws in.

I simply Asembled 2 large rectangles and 2 smaller rectangles. These will form the sides of the fold down table.

I secured them together using screws through the face of a smaller rectangle into the face of a larger rectangle.

I then joined those together with 2 lengths of CLS across the top, 2 across the bottom and 2 in the middle. The structure is very rigid at this point and will become a lot more rigid once the table is added.

Step 3: Build & Mount the Table

I must appologise about my lack of photos. I had filmed the making of the table and fitting it to the structure but the footage was missing when I came to edit.

It was a very simple process though. I made it the same way as the main structure. I added 18mm plywood for the table top. The front legs are connected using the 2 bolst, 2 nuts and 4 washers, one washer on either side of the leg. They swinf freely under the table and tuck away when the table is vertical.

At the back of the table I drilled holes to connect it to the main structure. I also drilled holes in the structure to line up. Again 2 bolts, 2 nuts and 4 washers where used to assemble the two sections. The table moves freely but quite stiff to help with weight when My X-Carve CNC is attached.

A simple scrap piece of CLS at the top of the main structure form a stop block so the table doesnt fall back fully into the wall. A scrap piecs of 18mm plywood attached infront of the structure can be twisted to stop the table fallinf forward. I was going to add a gate latch but this work great. The table leans back into the structure so it is almost impossible to fall forward on its own.

The last thing I did was cover the exterior of the fold down table structure with tempered hardwood that I painted. This is just to help the way it looks. You could cover the outside with anything really or even leve it open if you wanted. The front I covered with a roller blind. I think about having 2 doors on the front but I though they would need more room toopen infront of the table so I chose the blind instead.

I'm really happy with it. I t has enabled me to a have such a large cnc in my workshop so I would say this project has been a success.

I hope you are inspired by this project :)

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