Fold Out Laser-Cut IPhone Stand

Introduction: Fold Out Laser-Cut IPhone Stand

A simple, easy to make stand for an iPhone 5 that can be made from 0.115 inch thick wood and a laser printer. Please note that some of the images used in this demonstration where of the rectangular prototype, were as the new and improved edition has rounded edges. Idea from Aescobar Ortega.

Step 1: Printing

Using .115 inch thick wood, laser print the parts included in the dxf file provided.

Step 2: Assembly; Holders

Using the rectangular, 2.5 x 1 inch pieces, glue together in accordance to the provided pictures. The base pieces will be the rectangles with slots cut out and the hold piece will be the longer, U-shaped rectangles. When gluing the hold pieces onto each base piece, the lower part of the "U" will match up with the shorter slots of the base piece, and there will be over-hang of the upper end of the "U" of the hold piece off the base piece, so that the stand can not open more than it needs to. Glue the holder pieces on to the side of the base piece with NO hole in the center. Three hold pieces will be glued to each base piece, and you will have two "holder" pieces.

Step 3: Assembly; Tabs

The tabs are in place so the hinge does not interfere with the phone stand's straightness. The rectangular .5 x .115 inch tabs will be glued in accordance with the pictures provided, so that the stand can close without tab interference. Be sure that when closing the stand, each tab fits in to it's corresponding hole.

Step 4: Assembly; Hinge

Glue the hinges in to the slots of the base in accordance to the picture. Be sure that the circular part of the hinge is under each holder.

Step 5: Dowel Rod

Place a fitting rod through the hinges allowing the phone stand to easily rotate on the hinge. Glue the circular caps on the end to prevent the rod from falling out. Glue magnets into the holes on the bottom, and enjoy.

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