Introduction: Fold a Paper Rose

I'll start with this quick and dirty video of how to fold a paper rose. Basically the quicker you go the lesser the quality, take your time and it looks a lot nicer.

I prefer quick and dirty because I usually use it as a "pick up line" gimmick

I think the video pretty much shows it but I'll move forward with some steps as well

Step 1: Supplies and Getting Started

All you need for this is any piece of paper and 2 hands. if you wnat to make it fancy you might want some green and red markers or colored paper.

first off, roll up the paper length-wise to the desired width of the rose blossom.

Step 2: Pinch and Roll

- pinch the paper cylinder near the top to form the desired blossom length

- from the point you pinched begin to roll the cylinder below that point to about half the remaining length of the cylinder

Step 3: The Leaf

- grab the bottom corner of the paper and pull it up so the point of the corner is in line with the stem and about an inch from the rose cup.

- continue rolling the paper under the leaf all the way to the bottom

Step 4: Don't Put It in Water, It'll Die

All finished

now you can give it to the girl your about to hit on, or make a bouqet or make it pretty like I did with highlighters at work!