Fold Out Your Greeting Card!




Introduction: Fold Out Your Greeting Card!


To placate otherwise angry relatives. It is a simple, easy way to make everyone happy for the better part of the year, not to mention the joy your family will get from your work put into a little card. First, this card is not ordinary, because of its popup that is completely customizable. Second, it can be changed a lot, cut into different shapes, colored on, or even add a sound thing to add a 'Happy Birthday' song, or something like it. Last, all steps are clear and easy to follow, making it a fun family project! Give a simple, heart warming gift to any of your close friends and family!

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies you will need for the card are;
* two: pieces of constuction, lined, or copy paper
* 1: scissors
* 1: glue/tape
* 1: ruler if desired (or if using copy paper)
* as many as you want: pencils (writing/coloring utensil)
* one: large flat surface
* imagination!

Step 2: Step One: Fold Paper

Take one of your pieces of paper, the one chosen to be the card's base, and fold it in half, hamburger style (horizontly). To fold, take the top of the paper, which should be placed as if you were to write a formal letter to your boss on it, and pull it until it meets the bottom of the paper. Fold along the center, making a very obvious crease.

Step 3: Step Two: Make Slits

Turn the paper sideways, so up to down is shorter than left to right, and on the right side, around the two inch away from the crease, add a inch long slit, parallel to the crease. This does not nessisarily mean that the crease HAS to be two inches away, nor that it HAS to be an inch long. Make a slit in both sides of the crease, in the same place with the same length. It should look like the right slit mirrors the left.

Step 4: Step Three: Make "Pop-Out" Part

Using your other piece of paper, measure two centimeters out, and draw a line to mark it. Make sure you have at least eight inches of paper to the right of the line. Now, using a ruler, measure out eight inches to the right of these two centimeters, creating a right angle. Now, measure another two centimeters down front the right end of the eight inch line. Complete the rectangle with another eight inch line. This should create a eight inch long ribbon of paper, with right angles at the corners.

Step 5: Step Four: Insert Strip Through Slits

This next step will be tricky, so pay attention. Take your strip and insert it through the other paper's slits. Next, glue the tips of the strip to the sides of the paper. Have at least a half inch of the strip's ends glued down. Leave as much extra inside the card as possible.
Fold the middle of the strip inside the card, pointing out, so when you close the card the strip folds with it.

Step 6: Step Five: the Picture Popping Up

Write a message, picture, or decoration on a three inch by three inch, three inches wide and long. It can be anything, so long as it fits. If you want to, write a relatives name on it, or draw a cute happy face. The size is only a suggestion. Try other shapes for a better picture or just because!

Step 7: Step Six: Folding the Pop-Up

Next, fold it in half , and make a obvious crease. This crease will allow you to put it in the card by glueing it accurately.

Step 8: Step Seven: Checking the Fit

Then lay the picture, crease facing up, onto the strip of papers crease. It should look like an upside down 'v'.To do this you must open the card. make sure it fits there without overlapping anything like early decoration or writing.

Step 9: Step Eight: Glueing.

Mark the place where it is to be set , and put glue on the strip. Lay the picture on the strip in the desired position, and let the glue dry.
Allow the glue to dry for ten to twenty minutes. For tape, place tape folded on itself to create a small tube, put between picture and strip.

Step 10: Step Six: Decoration

Around the pop-up part, add decoration in any way imaginable.

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