Introduction: Foldable and Extendable Stock

Ok so it has been a long time since I posted something I have had a few messes around building stuff but I haven’t made much before I left Knex I did make extendable stock but I never got round to posting it then the other day I came on to check the forums and the Knex instuctbles and I came across recons folding stock. In the past I have tried to make a folding design but always failed to make a sturdy one but anyways I came across this and luckily enough I was able to attach it straight on to my stock so here we have it a folding and extendable stock feel free to use it just give credit to me and of course recon as well.

+ I have around 20-30 lbs. of Knex left for sale so if you are interested give me a price in £ or $ and I will get back to you serious offers only though will post out of Uk. Check the last picture to see what’s left.

+ If you are intrested in buying some or all of the Knex the leave a comment or  pm me saying what you want and a price in £ / $ :)