Introduction: Foldable Bo Staff

The Foldable Bo staff can be put in many places such as a backpack or a pocket. It is a super hero item for Robin, Batman and many other hero and can be use it to play or train, hope you enjoy. ;)


Duct tape

electrical tape

Tape measure


Step 1: Cutting the Tape Measure

Get your tape measure and pull it until it says stop then lock it fold the end up and cut it one foot from the end so for me at the 24 foot mark. It might be sharp so watch out. Then go to the end and break it off at the inch so the metal part is not there. Fold it until it is at twelve feet and cut at six. Put the piece you cut and make one more.

Step 2: Duct Taping It

Get two six foot pieces of duct tape and over lap them a little bit make sure they are facing up then rap the Bo staff in duct tape.

Step 3: Decoration / Making It Stronger

Now rap the electrical tape around the edges 3 times and if you want to you can make it so it look’s like a handle.

Step 4: YOU DID IT!!!

Now you are done so you can start attacking trees and using it to protect people and yourself or you could just use it as a portable Staff. Click download if you want to watch how to fold it and tricks.

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