Introduction: Foldable Camping Table

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New camping year, new task. In former years we cooked on the ground but you have to stoop down all the time. Also the ground was most likely not leveled at all. An other option for us was to put it on the box. This way it is much nicer to cook but every time when you need something you have to put everything down.

So the task was to add a table to the box.


Aluminum sheet

threaded rod


screws and washer


Step 1: Finding Mateial

First of all it was necessary to find the material. Luckily here in Germany the Government need replace roadsigns as soon as they are not reflecting anymore. This way i stumbled over a "Friedhof" (graveyard)-sign. It is made out of aluminum --> Welding was not possible. So I've used rivets for the bar hinge.

Step 2: Bayonet Joint for the Camping Cooker

Next step was the bayonet joint for the camping cooker. I've used some washers to generate something like a hock. At the End it worked perfectly and was worth the effort.

Step 3: Support Structure

I've used a threaded rod out of staleness steal with a hinge as a support structure. With this it is possible to either put the rod in the corner when you are on a hard surface or in your car. When you are on a softer ground you can stick in the rods into the ground.

Step 4: Fixation for the Support Structure

The support structure was quite annoying on our fist trip because it was dropping down every time I've moved the box. We've then added a magnet from a old HDD and simple nuts to hold everything in place while carry around the box.

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