Introduction: Foldable Drone

About: An Engineer student

dji f450mm is the best frame ,but the problem is ,it is not easily transportable.So i decided to make my own foldable frame

Step 1: Design

  • take the printout of the design
  • take two printout of body
  • one printout of arm

Step 2: Making Body

  • paste the body print on acrylic sheet
  • cut it out
  • you can also use wooden plates

Step 3: Making Arm

Step 4: Assembling

  • connect the arm and body using screw
  • use double side tape at the end to reduce vibration
  • drill the hole for mounting the flight controller

Step 5: Electronics

Step 6: Making Landing Gear

  • i am using 4inch pvc coupler for landing gear
  • refer this video for more information

Step 7: Ready to Fly