Introduction: Foldable, Portable, Compact Triple Mirror Setup

This is a compact, foldable, and portable triple mirror setup made for the frequent travel. If you travel a lot, but also want to do your makeup while away from home without using the less than stellar and tiny hotel mirrors, you can now do so with this compact foldable triple mirror setup!

Now look amazing no matter where you travel!

Step 1: Align and Setup

Alight the mirrors according to the setup that you want. The classic and traditional way of doing it is just like a triple monitor setup, one after another. Place them face down on a table aligning their centres together.

Step 2: Hinges

Glue the first hinge onto the edge of one mirror to another with a generous amount of hot glue. Ensure the orientation of the hinge so that it folds completely backwards and only to about 130 degrees forward, so it does not collapse.

For the second hingle, do not glue it edge-to-edge from the mirror because it will not fold as compactly. Instead, leave about a 1-2cm offset between the mirror and the hinge. This way, when it is folded the two mirrors don't fight for the same plane when folded -- one is slightly higher than the other.

Step 3: Stand

I went the minimalist route for the stand since it's designed to be both small and portable.

Cut a small rectangular piece of foam board and bend it in half. If it does not snap add some relief spots by scoring on the area that is under compression form the bending with an x-acto blade. This will give it the needed rigidity for a stand.

Step 4: Enjoy!

You're done! Enjoy you're new portable and foldable triple mirror setup, a great compact solution for your beauty needs!

Fold it up and pack it in your bag and open it up anywhere and anytime convenient!

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