Foldable Portable Skateboard

Introduction: Foldable Portable Skateboard

  • Nowadays,skateboarding is increasingly popular among young people because of its lightness and variety of gameplay. It has become a tool for many young people. In short trips, it is very convenient, but it is taking other vehicles such as cars and subways. Or when it's inconvenient to use a skateboard, such as in a shopping mall, it's inconvenient to carry a skateboard. Therefore, I designed this folding portable skateboard, which is only about 35cm long and can easily be put into a backpack. And designed the handle more convenient to carry. The use of mint green beautiful colors will be more popular with young people.

Step 1: Design Skateboard Surface

  • Using fusion 360's "styling" tool,adjust to pull out a skateboard surface
  • Divide the whole into two parts for folding
  • Make as comfortable a handle as possible at the longer end and use "rounded" and "inverted" tools to eliminate too sharp edges

Step 2: Design Folding Page

  • Make a fittingsize at the position shown in the figure
  • Add some rounded corners to make the skateboard more consistent overall

Step 3: Design Skateboard Support

  • Use the 'styling' tool to create an overall shape for a skateboard support
  • Use sketching,stretching, etc. tools to fix shapes and add details

Step 4: Design Wheel

  • Use the rotary tool to make the outline of the wheel
  • Use array,stretch cut to make pattern outline
  • Fine pattern

Step 5: Connecting Assembly

  • Punch the plate surface and screw it
  • Duplicate two supports, four wheels, and assemble it as a whole, except that the joint and the wheel use a rotating connection, and the rest are rigid connections

Step 6: Color Rendering

  • Compose a beautiful peppermint colouring and make further corrections to the details
  • rendering

Step 7: Modeling File

Modeling with fusion360

Using translation software for translation, errors may occur. If you don't understand some of the steps or have other questions, please let me know in the comments and I will fix them in time.Thanks!

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