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Introduction: Foldable Steps

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We purchased a new (to us) RV. When it is driven the electric steps work fine. but when set up they don't always extend when the door is opened. I originally set up some concrete blocks but worried the added weight would be too much. I decided to make some steps that would break down and assemble easily and also store easily.

Step 1: Cut the Pieces Needed

I decided to put half slots in 3/4" plywood. I cut 2 pieces as shown in drawings that would make 10" steps and an 8" riser.these are #'s 6 + 7. The measurements are on the drawings for all the pieces. Since I was going to paint these to protect them from the rain, I cut the slots at 7/8" instead of 3/4"

Step 2: After Cutting Pieces, Start Assembly

Since I hadn't painted these yet, they were a little loose fitting which made it easy to assemble, but were still very stable.

Step 3: Attach Piano Hinges

Attach the piano hinges as shown in drawing. This makes them fold up neatly for storage.

Put the steps on and try them out. I ended up putting a couple of dowels in the top step and drilled small holes in parts 6 and 7 for them to sit in. This keeps the steps from slipping and moving on you as you use them.

Step 4: Set Them Up

They worked out perfectly for short term use, and weigh less than one cement block.

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