Foldable Wooden Tablet Case

Introduction: Foldable Wooden Tablet Case

Hey guys,

Wouldn't it be amazing if there's someone who would hold your tablet when you are watching a movie? Of course yes! But it is practically impossible, so i came up with this alternative'An easily foldable tablet case'.You can make a mobile case too.Also this solution is portable. Wanna see how I made this? Here you go.

Step 1: Material Required

1.Plywood strip height-4 feet;width-1 inch(donot buy a sheet)

2.cardboard piece


4.pencil & measuring scale


6.hinges(height of the hinge should be equal to the width of the plywood strip i.e 1 inch)

7.nails(long one & a flat headed short nail)

8.hand saw

9.a cloth to protect your device when you slide through(see pic)

Step 2: Cutting the Plywood and Cardboard


Measurements of the plywood to be cut.

there are 14 pieces in total.(4 cardboard pieces)

No of pieces width length

1 1inch 14cm (p1)

6 1inch 12cm (p2)

2 1inch 6cm (p3)

1 1inch 1inch (p4)

cardboard pieces

4 1/2inch 12cm

general instruction : for a non 7" tablets and mobiles the (p1) is to be repalced by measuring the width of your tab or phone and add 2 more cm to the height. let this be (p5)

Replace (p2) with with 2cm less than obtained (p5). do the same with cardboard pieces.

replace (p3) piece with half of the obtained length of piece 2.

p4 is of standard size.

Step 3: Design

1.cut p1 as ahown in the figure

2.nail 2 of the p2s as shown in figure

3.glue the cardboard pieces with p2s as shown in figure

4.pass the nails through p1.

5.bend this nail as shown in fig

6.rotate and check the flexibility on both the sides.

7.attach both the p3s with a hinge

8.on one of the p3 cut 2 grooves as shown in figure

9.attach p4 with a hinge to the other p3 as shown in figure glue the apparatus containing(2 p3s & p4)to rear side of p1

11.cut the cloth in such a way that it covers all the three sides of the inner part of the fig

Any cool modifications and questions in the comment box below

thanks for viewing


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