Introduction: Foldables

A foldable is an interactive way for students to organize information based on subject area or skill. Foldables help students to retain information. Foldables can be used for any subject and for any age group.

Disclaimer: Foldables are intended to help students' study for any subject area. A foldable does not guarantee a passing grade. If making a foldable with younger children make sure they are sitting down while using scissors.


Paper- any color and any size will work


Pen, Pencil, or Markers

Step 1: Fold Your Paper

For this foldable we are going to fold the paper in half lengthwise. If you are working with younger students this type of fold is sometimes referred as a "hotdog" fold.

Step 2: Dot Out Your Lines

Once you have your paper folded it is now time to make the flaps. The number of flaps will be determined by the number of keywords you want to use. Keep your paper folded and dot out the cut lines. This will give you a visual of how your flaps will look before you cut them. It will also help in the spacing of the flaps.

Step 3: Cut

Now it's time to cut your flaps. Unfold the paper so its back at its original size. Cut on the dotted line. Stop when your scissors reach the crease of the fold. You might want to help younger kids with this step, so that they'll don't cut all the way across.

Step 4: Begin Writing

Now your ready to start the writing part of the foldable. You are going to write one keyword on each flap.

Step 5: Information

Open the first flap and write the corresponding information on the paper. This information should only go with the keyword that is on that particular flap.

Step 6: Write Neatly

Make sure you keep all the flaps closed except for the one you're writing about. That way all your information stays in the correct space.

Step 7: Study Time

Once you've written in all the flap spaces you are now ready to start studying.

Step 8: Foldable in Action

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