Introduction: Foldaway Door Bench

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You can never have enough bench space, until it gets in the way. I needed a bench under the window so I had somewhere to grow seedlings.

Having a few internal doors and hinges kicking around the garage so I put them together. Using the hinges on the door as the lift hinge and a couple of supports hinged into the wall.

Step 1: Make the Supports

I made a pair of hinged supports to fit between the uprights. I also wanted them to fit into the wall, but this proved a little tricky so I did the best I could.

Step 2: Attach the Door

Because I could not get the supports flush with the door I needed to attach padding so when the table is dropped down it cleared the supports.
I also had another spare bit of bench top which I was able to use an inch of the left hand support to hold up.
Finally i covered the door with a sheet of plastic to protect it from the wet stuff (not shown).

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