Introduction: Folded Star

I was addicted to making these a couple of years ago and I want you to get addicted to them too! They are so beautiful, easy to store (especially if you have limited space to do so) and will really wow people when you show them how they open & close.

Tell people it took you hours to make... but really, it'll only take you minutes! :)

Step 1: What You Need...

You need:

- Paper: patterned (I like double-sided) & a coordinating solid colour

- Trimmer &/or scissors

- Ribbon

- Button

- Glue

Cut your double-sided paper into squares. I used 3"x3" squares, but you can make them bigger or smaller, just as long as they're all the same. You will need 5 total for one star.

Cut your coordinating solid colour so you have two 1-1/2" squares (if you decide on bigger or smaller squares than 3"x3", you'll need to adjust this measurement)

Cut your ribbon to between 8" and 10" (I find this is a good length, but adjust as you see fit)

Step 2: Folding Your Paper...

Fold each of your 5 squares as follows:

- in half, vertically

- in half, horizontally

- diagonally (helpful to fold on the opposite side you want to use)

If you folded your paper opposite of your first two folds, you'll notice your square will naturally start folding in on itself. Guide the diagonal folds inward and fold flat. You should be left with a smaller square.

Repeat this with remaining 4 pieces of paper.

Step 3: Glue Your Star...

Once all squares are folded, line them up in the order you want them to appear in your star. If they are all the same colour or pattern, this step doesn't matter. Keep in mind that the first and last square will appear next to each other when your star is opened up.

With all your open ends pointing up, start gluing them together. It's really important that all your squares are glued the same way and exactly on top of the last one.

Step 4: Finishing Up...

Once all your squares are glued together (it should want to fan out on it's own), it's time to adhere the closing mechanism.

Note: if you do not want your star to open and close, just glue the two remaining squares to each other and skip the remaining steps. I wanted mine to close for easy storage (because they'll store flat!).

1. Thread your button on your ribbon.

2. Run a strip of adhesive down the center of one square. It's important that the ribbon & button closure appears above the open ends of your star. Repeat on the other side.

3. Glue your smaller solid-coloured squares overtop of your ribbon. This hides your untidy ends. :)

Step 5: To Open & Close...

When your button is pulled close to your paper star, it stays closed. When you pull it up, it'll start to open.

To open:

1. Pull button up to the top and your paper will start to accordion open.

2. Bring the ends toward each other and hold in place.

3. Pull button down toward your star to keep it closed (in the open position)

There is no "front" or "back" side to the star... both offer a beautiful display of your papers.

Step 6: What to Do With It...

These are certainly nice on their own, but I use them primarily for my Christmas tree decor. I also use them to dress up presents - bottles of wine, for example.

They would be fun to hang at different lengths from a light or ceiling, in garland, etc.

What other ideas can you come up with?

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