Introduction: Folding Craft Table


Table top of choice: enough boards to make 25x60" table top.

OR 4x8 sheet of plywood, 5/8" or 3/4"

4 door hinges

2 mini hinges

2x4s 2

1x2s 1

Clothesline rope, 8 ft

1 1/4 screws (10)

furniture feet of choice

Step 1: Make the Legs

For a table height of 34 inches, I cut the legs to 35" at 30 degree angles.

Trim the top vertical to handle the hinges.

If you want tapered legs mark a line from the bottom of the hinge cutout to the middle of the feet. Cut along this line.

Set the legs against a straight board in an X, measure to make sure the top and bottom are even. Mark the a area to hogout then just shy of halway through with a saw. If using a chisel make a cut every half an inch between those two lines. Otherwise router out the center.

Secure the legs together with a single screw for now.

Step 2: Make the Frame

Cut a 2x4 to be 44" long, this will be the backbone.

Set the leg hinges 7 inches in from the ends of this (1 screw only).

With a square set the legs to lean just slightly inside, otherwise there'll be issues folding (pictured)

Cut 3 inch blocks of a 2x4, qty 2, and attach them to the very end of the frame backbone. (same side as the legs).
Attach 1 door hinge a piece to the top of the frame on these blocks.

Flip the frame over so the leg side is flat on the ground. Set the 1x2s to run in an X pattern from either side to the foot of the opposite leg. Mark the angle and length to cut and, if desired, the area to recess (not required)

Attach the mini hinge at the back foot to the 1x2 and the other end of the 1x2 to the backbone. Repeat for the other side.

Step 3: Table Top

Make the table top with the material of choice, typically 25" wide at the max (arms reach) and up to 60" long.

For boards, use biscuit joinery or other reinforcement. Edge glueing will not hold up otherwise.

Standup the frame and set the table top on it. Set it on center and overhanging the back by 3 inches or so. Secure it to the mating side hinges.

Step 4: Final Steps

Adjust the hings as needed to get proper fold action.

Shave the feet to final height and attach the furniture pads.

To add the pull cord fold the table and drill a 1/2" hole from the backside into the forward legs (don't go all the way through). Set the table up and finish drilling through. Pull the rope through and tie knots on the outside of the leg holes with minimal slack in the middle.

Step 5: