Introduction: Folding Pocket Catapult

Description is in the name.

- thin popsicle sticks
- duct tape
- rubberband
- hot glue
- small thing like a bottle cap for the ammo to fit into
- card box

Step 1: Get the Container

Get a container from a card box [ you can usually get them from a souvenier store]

Step 2: Cut Sticks

Cut the popsiclle sticks as so

- 4 sticks short way across
- 3 sticks long way across
- 2 sticks 3/4 of the way long

It doesn't have to be exact.

The best way to cut them is to get a pair of plyers with a cutter thing in the back of it.

Step 3: Make It

glue 2 width wide popsicle sticks width wise on top of eachother then put them in the bottom front on the tin.
like so.

Step 4: Make It

Put the 3/4 sticks next to each other and attach them with a crossbeam that is the width of  the box.
Next put another one of the width long sticks on top of it. It doesn't have to be exact.

then make a hinge with duct tape on the front of the box but behind the sticks u put on earlier.
like so

Step 5: Make It

Put 2 length sized sticks length wide
and hinge them off the back on the bottom

Step 6: Make It

Hinge the arm of the catapult off the front on top of the two sticks glued together
with duct tape

Cut the rubberband a little bit longer than the width of the box  and glue it to the first thing you put on

put a small cap on the end

and enjoy

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