Folding Table Top on Metal Base




Introduction: Folding Table Top on Metal Base

Hi all, this is my first instructable.

My wife and I needed a dining table that could sit 4-10 people.

We liked the idea of a table with a metal base and a top that would extend.

Step 1: Metal Base

I had this base made. Sizing L 128 cm * W 78 cm * H 71 cm (sorry about the cm).

Flat iron bars were used: 8 cm * 1 cm for the legs and 6 cm * 1 cm for the aprons.

Step 2: Table Build

I made two boards out of teak lumber, each sizing L 128 cm * W 78 cm * H 1,8 cm and installed sewing machine hinges.

The table top folded sizes L 128 cm * W 78 cm * H 3,6 cm; and extended L 256 cm * W 78 cm * H 1,8 cm.

The table's height with the top folded is 74,6 cm and 72,8 cm with the top extended

I used M8 allen countersunk bolts, washers and wing nuts (painted gold matte to match the hinges' finish) to attach the top on the base.

I used teak water based finish to paint the top and black matte for the metal base.

To unfold the top, I remove the bolts, slide the top open and place it evenly on the base, put the bolts back.

8 bolts are placed to secure the extended top (4 are used for the folded one).

I used felt fabric on top and bottom of the base to reduce any friction and prevent any harm to the floor and the wooden top.

Step 3: Demonstration

All credits for the photos go to my wife, Elena!

Step 4: Some Post-build Thoughts.

I didn't want to use sliders on the build.

I can work with wood but not metal.

This way, I could place the table top I needed, exactly on a same size base.

The bolts make the table really sturdy, given that the base alone can vibrate a lot.

The sitting is really comfortable and I am really happy how the whole project worked out.

It does take a few minutes to open/close the top, given that I use an allen key.

I didn't take a lot of pictures while building it (sorry for that), hope you like it.

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    Great looking table. This kind of transforming table is the perfect thing to have around when you have a lot of friends over.