Introduction: Folding Track Fast Slide Board

Skateboarding as an extreme sport to bring young people a lot of fun, people are constantly on the skateboard innovation. Double-turned skateboard is more flexible, specially used to do technical action. And the long board is mostly used to take steps, or to play on the slopes of the rapid drop. At this time, the sliding speed of the long board is particularly important. So I combined the bicycle with the long board to make the long board's slat smaller and shaped like a bicycle wheel, so that i could speed up the taxiing speed. In addition, in order to increase the entertainment of skateboards, the skateboard design can be in the track taxiing at the same time can achieve a simple slide on the ground。

Step 1: Step 1: the Shape of the Skateboard

1.The board is 52.5cm long, 120cm wide and 25cm high.

2.The first layer of the skateboard consists of three planks with a length of 127.8cm and 12.5cm high 5cm and three planks with a length of 52.5cm width of 12.5cm and a height of 5cm, which are fixed in a horizontal, three vertical and three-way manner.

3.Consisting of two 103.5cm long and 12.5cm high 5cm planks, the second floor of the skateboard (the side of the skateboard). And four wooden blocks with a length of 20cm width 16.5cm high and 12.5cm high are connected to the upper and lower two layers.

4.Half of the moths with a radius of 2.9cm and a length of 9.8cm are hidden in blocks of wood that connect the upper and lower layers of the skateboard.

Step 2: Step 2: Folding Design

1. Cut the planks on both sides of the skateboard out of a rectangular notch to quickly slide the folding of the tire holder

2.Establish a rotating axis, establish two opposite rotating axes on the boards on both sides of the skateboard, and rotate the skids under the skateboard when the fast-sliding function is not required.

3.In order to place the fast-sliding tire under the plate without affecting the rail-skiing, build the bracket into a concave shape.

4.In order for the fast-sliding tire to be placed under the plate, you need to rotate the tire that is standing during the fast taxi by 90 degrees and place it under the skateboard. So set a bicycle seat-adjusted seat clip between the folding bracket and the tire holder to control the rotation of the tire.

Step 3: Step 3: Fast Coasting Design

In order to allow the skateboard to stand on its own
and enhance the stability of the fast skid, I set two parallel, connected 13cm tires on each side of the skateboard.

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