Introduction: Folding Camera Slider

Inspired by Edelkrone this is my design of a foldable slider.

Total sliding distance is about 60cm.

Tolerances are extremely tight to prevent unwanted movements. I used standard ball bearings and belts to achieve smooth sliding. assembly is not easy, as the Pulley's are very tight mounted on the axes. and belts are strained. Everything is holden together with 4x 4mm bolts

Designing this appeared quite more challenging then expected. I designed and printed 4 versions before smooth operation. every time to much tolerances resulted in unstable wobbly movement.

All spaces for ball bearings need to be 100% exact to achieve tight fixation. Shrinkage of the material made this difficult. I thicken the wall thickness up to 3mm to make the whole construction strong and used a drill to make the spaces exact.

The mounting plate fits an standard Arca Swiss ballhead.

Step 1: Standard Parts

Step 2: Print

I used a Ultimaker 2+ and CPE material.

Wall thickness 3mm filling 50% to make the whole construction rigid and bending is nearly impossible.

Step 3: Assembly

Assemble as in the .PDF drawing.

I used an 1/4 screw in the "ax to ballhead.stl" it is simply screwed into the plastic and is mounted very solid

Step 4: Adjust/Remix

I included Iges and Step files

for Fusion 360 foloww this link