Introduction: Folding Coffee Table

Don't we all love coffee tables?
In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a coffee table that's foldable so that you can easily hide or move it.
This started out as a project for school in which we had to execute an instructable and then try to improve it by own design. The instructable I based my design on is the Folding Low Table by wholman .

Step 1: Tabletop Frame

First we start by making the frame that supports the tabletop directly.

Take 2 pieces of pine wood, 1" x 2", 48" long each.

Cut out a 1" x 1" piece on the side in the middle of each piece of wood so these can fit into each other forming an X.

Then drill a hole 2 inch on each side from the centre of your wood, these will carry the supports.

Step 2: Drilling the Slots

On each of four ends of your x-frame you need to drill a slot 3/4" wide, 15" long, starting 2" from the end.

After drilling these slots drill a hole at the center side of each slot, towards the tabletop side (see pic). In these holes the supports will rest when your table is in use.

Step 3: Large Supports

Cut 8 pieces of wood, each 2" x 1", 23" long.

Drill a hole in the middle, 1" from the end of your wood and round this end up as showed in the picture.

The other end of the support will rest on the floor, so you will have to cut those ends at an angle of 35 degrees, matching the floor.

Step 4: Small Supports

Now we will make the small supports that wil slide between the tabletop x-frame, connected to the large supports.

Again 8 pieces of wood, 2" x 1", now 11" long. Drill holes in the center, 1" from each end.

Connect 2 pieces by 1 piece of 1/2" round wood, 3" long, and fit in the slots on x-frame.

Step 5: Connecting the Supports

Connect all supports as shown in the pictures with large bolts.

Have the round ends of the large supports connected at the centre of the x-frame, fitted within the small sliding supports.

Step 6: Assembly

Cut a 36" x 36" piece of multiplex or hardboard as a tabletop.

All pieces assembled this is what the table will look like. To make it more solid you can add some parts between the supports, enhancing stability.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

Finally, you can paint your coffee table in colours you like, I chose black and teak.

Step 8: Fold It

This is what it looks like folded.