Introduction: Follow-Me Eyes Halloween Decoration

This is my first instructable! It took me about a week to get a method that works, but if you follow the instructions this craft takes about an hour, so it's a perfect project for the classroom! I decided to do a low-cost Halloween decoration suitable for middle school. You can make a fun decoration whose gaze follows you as you walk across the room! For this tutorial I made a black cat, but you can customize this project and put the eyes into anything you want!


- Cardboard (I used a cardboard box)

- Construction paper

- Pen or pencil

- Tape or a clear glue stick (do not use wet glue or a purple glue stick)

- Scissors

For bonus decorations you can use glitter or light-colored crayons to decorate the outside.

Step 1: Eye Base

For the base of the eye, cut out the stencil with cardboard.

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