Introduction: Fall Leaf Toppers

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It's the season for beautiful colors, warm flavors and some creative fondant work.

I was asked to do a baby shower sheet cake covered in fondant leaves and acorns with a pumpkin topper which is a big chocolate cake ball covered in fondant. This gave me the perfect opportunity to purchase some leaf cookie cutters that I've been wanting for a while. I wanted two specific leaves and in different sizes. Wilton's fall leaf cookie cutter set was perfect. I knew that I was going to be making the acorns by hand so I wouldn't be using that cutter, but it will definitely come in handy for some Fall cookies.

These intricate leaves look very hard to make, but in fact they're not, they're actually more fun than anything. This is one of those projects where you get to play with your food. The hardest step is choosing what colors to blend. So let's get started, here's how to make realistic fondant leaves for all of your autumn baking needs!

If you have any questions please leave them below and/or watch the video. The actual cake flavor is an Orange Velvet Cake with blue swirls (to represent the baby boy) and chocolate buttercream frosting. Also, watch the video to learn how to make fondant acorns.

Step 1: Preparations...

You'll Need:

5 or 6 shades of fondant: Burgundy, Green, Light Green, Brown, Yellow and I also added Orange.

Fall leaf Cookie Cutters

Rolling Pin

Gumpaste Ball Tool

An egg carton or a mold to shape the leaves (rolling pin, bowl, etc.)

Step 2: Marble

Choose an arrangement of colors.

For the first set of leaves, I combined green, yellow, burgundy and brown.

The second set of leaves are green, yellow, and leftover fondant from the first set.

Combine the fondant pieces and knead until the colors have combined to your liking. Remember not to over-work the fondant, you still want to be able to see each of those colors that were added.

Step 3: Rolling and Cutting

Roll out the fondant and cut using the leaf cutter of your choice.

Optional: Using a ball gumpaste tool, thin out the edges of the leaf by gently running the larger end of the tool along the edge.

Step 4: Veining

Next, using a gumpaste veining tool (or a toothpick), apply a vein going down the center from base to tip. Following the natural shape of the leaf, apply a vein in each section and finish by adding smaller veins.

Step 5: Shaping

Shape the leaf by laying in an egg carton, a bowl or any other clean inanimate object that might do the trick! Let the leaves harden over night and voila! You've got edible fall leaves! Enjoy!

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