Introduction: Fondant Leek. Welsh Leek for St Davids Day

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A perfect addition to your St David's Day cake or cupcakes. Can easily be crafted with or without cutters.

Ok, so I know it's August / September-ish, and I also know that St David's Day isn't until March, but I made them now and felt it best to get the post up early.

These are made much in the same way as we made the felt ones at school or for our kids.
So if you can remember that, you're half way there, if not, read on ...

Step 1: You Will Need:

  • Modelling fondant - white and green
  • Green food colour paste if colouring your own fondant
  • A flexible spatula
  • Small, sharp knife
  • Rolling pin
  • Edible glue or water
  • Leaf cutter (optional)
  • Cake pop stick (optional)
  • Ball tool (not shown)

Step 2: Colour, Roll and Cut Fondant

Take just less than half of your fondant and colour it in green.

Roll out your green fondant and ...

  • Using your cutter, cut five leaves.
  • If you don't have a leaf cutter, don't worry, they can be easily cut by hand without one.

Note: At each stage, cover your fondant so it doesnt dry out. It will make it harder to roll later on if it's dry

Step 3: Flatten Bottom of Leaves

Using your ball tool, flatten off the bottom edges of all five leaves.

Step 4: Lay Out the Leaves

Lay each leaf flat and overlapping the leaf next to it.

Start with the centre leaf, then the second at third leaf lay either side to the first, then leaves four and five on the ends.

At this point, you can chose to trim the bottom edges of the leaves straight.

Personally, I like to leave mine as they are as it gives the uneven, more "natural" look of the finished leek.

Remember the centre, #1, leaf!

Step 5: Make the Stem and Roots

Next, roll out your white fondant to the same thickness as the green, cut it into a rectangle wider than the five leaves (use your spatula as this will give you a smart, straight edge).

Once you've done that, use your knife to cut a frayed edge about 1/3 if the way up.

Step 6: Join White to Green

Dab a little edible glue or water on the bottom of the green leaves then lay the white fondant over the bottom, about 1/3 of the way.

Use your rolling pin to gently press the edge, where the green and white meet behind, to secure them togeher

Use your knife to trim the excess white off.

If you make an error, don't worry because we're going to "hide" it in the next step.

Step 7: Roll Together

Now for the fiddley bit.

Take the edge and start, slowly, to roll relatively tightly.

Make sure you don't damage any leaves or the "roots" and "stem".

If you find it difficult to roll " freehand", enter the cake pop stick.

Once rolled, gently remove the stick.

Step 8: Fan Out Leaves and Bring the Front Two Forward

Remember leaf #1?

Ok, find this leaf because this leaf will be at the centre at the back

Spread the leaves #2 and #3 out a little then,

Bring over leaves #4 and #5 so they now "hang" over the front of the white stem with the roots on the bottom.

Gently put a "kink" in these two leaves (see picture)

Fray out the roots a little

Step 9: Allow to Dry

Allow to dry

Add to your cake

I haven't put any sizes here because you can chose the size you wish, but these ones are about 6cms from tip to root

Of course, your don't just have to keep the for St David's Day, but if you do ...

Happy St David's Day