Fondant Toadstools and Marbleized Stone Tutorial



Introduction: Fondant Toadstools and Marbleized Stone Tutorial

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How to make fondant toadstools and a marbling technique to make realistic stone for your cakes. Use the simple marbling technique to make rocks and paving stones. Use them to make stone paths or around doors and windows on castle cakes. I will show you how to use your fondant scraps to make a quick and delicious chocolate rock for the kids.

Used in my Gnome Fairy Garden cake.

Things needed:

Fondant (White and red)

Gel food color ( I used Americolor - Warm Brown, Chocolate Brown and Black)


Paintbrush is handy


Step 1: Stone: Step 1

Roll out a ball of fondant and select gel food colors for your stone. You can use white or colored fondant.

Step 2: Flatten Fondant

Flatten out the ball of fondant.

Step 3: Add Color

Using a toothpick add your first color to the fondant.

Step 4: Mix in Color

Knead the color into your fondant. Knead it just until the color is beginning to show.

Step 5: Add Additional Colors

Mix any other colors in the same as the previous step.

Step 6: Roll Into Snake

Roll your fondant into a snake shape.

Step 7: Fold Fondant in Half

Fold the fondant snake in half.

Step 8: Twist

Twist the fondant.Repeat this and the previous 2 steps 3-4 times.

Step 9: Roll Out Fondant

Roll out your fondant and you will see the marbling effect.

Step 10: Form Into Rocks or Paving Stones

Tear off pieces of the fondant and roll into rocks or leave them flat to create paving stones. You can use them around doors and windows on castle cakes or make stone sidewalks.

Step 11: Make Chocolate Rock

Wrap some of the marbled fondant around an M&M. Its delicious!

Step 12: Toadstools: Make the Stem

Roll out a ball of white fondant. Then roll it into a cone shape. Flatten the bottom so it stands up.

Step 13: Create Toadstool Cap

Take a ball of colored fondant and roll it into a bit of an egg shape.

Step 14: Make an Indentation in the Bottom

Using your finger or a fondant ball tool make an indentation in the bottom of your fondant. Be sure it is big enough for the stem..

Step 15: Add Details to the Cap

Roll out tiny balls of whitte fondant and attach them to your cap.

Step 16: Attach Toadstool Cap

Using a little bit of water on a brush attach the cap to the stem.

Step 17: M&M Toadstool Cap

For a very small toadstool you can use a little water to attach and M&M for the cap.

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