Introduction: Food Bank Drop Box.

Hi Everyone. Looking for good hearted local community Hero's. I'm not one. Still trying to make my way back into Heaven. (It was the 70's Okay !!! Shit Happens!) But my son's are my Heros! :) This is a very straight forward but Much needed Food Bank Box that sadly Every community needs.

Step 1: Food Bank Drop Box.

Sorry I didn't spend any time doing PDF step by steps. It's a simple box. But whats important is the sizes and explanation of its function which are all in the video. 5/8" Russian Birch play wood only or don't bother. If you're going to do this, make it last for ever. I was not going to show anything as I was pretty sick this week before I did this for the grand opening dead line. But then I thought something is better than nothing and if it inspires just one person to build this some where in this greed oriented world then that's great. Whats important that's kind of missing is assembling the walls, but who can't glue and line up a simple but joint, brad nailed and followed up with inside bracing strips. It's just 5 simple walls. It's all there in the video where everything goes.

There is a need to replace almost every Food drop box out there. Most of them are make shift card board boxes. Few even have cash boxes and thats needed as much as the food. As simple as it is, this size and design works exactly for the function.

Help People. It's fun to share and care. Thanks Gerard, James and George.