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This past Christmas, I was in charge of creating food props for our production that I did at church. I wanted to share how I created them.

Step 1: Beginning...

Each piece started with some random items. The cake, I used a cake pan (light weight because it had to be carried and danced with in the performance.) Then I cut foam for the layers and added spray foam to glue it all together. For the Ham, I taped some random "to-go" food containers together and then wrapped it in tin foil. For the bread, I bought already made fake bread at hobby lobby and spray foamed it into a bread pan with some packaging material under to lift it up, higher. For the cupcakes, I used school ribbon for bulletin boards to create the holder, with newspaper inside, then used spray foam to create the batter section. On the cake, I cut off the excess after it dried and tried to shape it into a cake shape. Then I sliced and actual piece of the cake out so you can see the inside from the audience.

Step 2: Adding the Details.

Now the fun part began. I used a mixture of glue, and spackling to create a coating for almost all the props. I used a baggie to make the icing for the cupcakes with this mixture and also spread it on the cake like icing. While it's wet, add the beads if you want...or glue them on later, after you paint. After it's dry, paint away! For the ham, I used packaging material to cut the slices and then glued pipe cleaners on the edge so that I could shape each slice how I want and make it stay. I bought apples and fake fruits to add to each piece to help make it pop. The jello prop was just a plastic bowl, painted on the inside and foam slices glued on the outside. The turkey prop is a remake of a previous instructable of mine. The hot chocolate (not pictured in this step) was also a previous instructable of mine. I hope you enjoy and I hope it helps if you're ever in the need of making a prop as well. :) The audience literally gasped with oohs and ahhs as the dancers came on stage with them! I was so happy! :)

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    1 year ago on Step 2

    This is super helpful! I need to make a sandwich for my Halloween costume, and will use some of your ideas. Thank you!