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Food Stylist Art Deco Beauty Dish
A little twist to the ordinary apple, you can make them very soulful and lively, like apple pruning to shape this funny crabs Trim the vegetables and fruit is not difficult but requires meticulous. Along express carefully your meal with a funny shaped trimming below! Pruning fruit crab apples and oranges Ingredients: red apples, guava, black beans few grains Method: - Additional vertical 3 parts apple. Between the most part used to cut as crabs - 1/3 1/3 apricot used to trim the foot rest. - The mid-thickness resection provides core take two semicircular sections. Use a sharp knife to glide two adjacent arc as half the number 8. - Cut Beveled 1 for smaller head back. The other end trimmed V-shaped - 1/3 trim legs: 8 slices cut along thin - Ratings are each 4 slices, slice to bottom, small slices above under chestnut fan shape. - Set up a 1/3 apple apricot crab. Ratings crab on. - Use two black bean click eyes. - Because apples are vulnerable so blackened when cut is complete you should give in slightly salted water bowl or squeeze a few drops of lemon water immersion. - Do the same with guava or turnip you get the green crabs