Food Stylist Art Deco Carrots Handy Turn Into Roses Decorated Plate

Introduction: Food Stylist Art Deco Carrots Handy Turn Into Roses Decorated Plate

Ripe tomatoes or kiwi fruit Sharp knife

To implement:

Tomatoes washed, de-stemmed, peeled.

Using a sharp knife, trim all around the tomatoes so that the shell has a uniform thickness and from beginning to end is not broken.

Carefully roll the peel tomatoes, cut a head roll over to the other flower-shaped spreading. Scroll to the end of strings just peeled tomato shell and see the flowers, use a sharp toothpick through to secure.

The flower is fixed and you can move, put it in many different positions on the plate. Decorate dummy disk or disks to add food color and vivid You can do the same to have a cotton "blue roses" with kiwi fruit skin.

Small Tip: - Use a sharp knife to trim the housing easier and also keep better - Width of the shell should trim evenly from start to finish, you will create the petals are equally beautiful. - The peeling bark so closely from beginning to end and long, as if peeling too short flowers would sparse, hard rolls and not beautiful. - When scrolling up the hands, especially the core (stamens), to the outside edge with a little liquid hand. - Use a toothpick skewer pointed mainly to fixed when you have portable, this step you can skip

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