Introduction: Food Web Activity- Kinesthetic and Visual Learning

This project is specifically designed for 9th grade students who are kinesthetic and visual learners and are taking biology class. In biology class, students learn about the food web. The "food web" refers to the interlocking and interdependent food chains that connect organisms to each other. For example, a frog might eat a butterfly, but that frog is eaten by an eagle. Meanwhile, that butterfly is being eaten by a dragonfly which is getting eaten by a bird who is also being eaten by that eagle. These many feeding relationships in an ecosystem create a complicated web where organisms are assigned to different trophic levels such as producers, consumers and decomposers. Visually representing this web can help students understand this concept better. I decided to design a food web activity that allows students to place different animals on a white board, label their trophic levels and draw the connections. This also benefits kinesthetic learners who have the opportunity to be active rather than just listening to a lecture that would explain the same concepts.


1. Magnet Adhesive Sheets- 8"x10" : 10 pack

2. Scissors

3. Construction Paper, Markers or color printed digital drawings

4. Paper Trimmer

5. Example of food web diagram found online.

Step 1: Find an Example of a Food Web Diagram Online

First, find a diagram of a food web online. Make sure that the relationships are accurate.

Step 2: Draw Images

Using the model of the food web you found online, draw your own images of animals. You can either use construction paper and markers or do a digital drawing and print out later. I created digital drawings so that I could size my images to 6"x9". If you are drawing by hand, make sure to also draw your images to a uniform size.

Step 3: Cut Images to Size

Once you are done creating your animals, cut to size (6"x9")

Step 4: Carefully Apply Images to Magnetic Adhesive Paper and Trim

Peel the adhesive off of the magnetic paper and then carefully place each image on a sheet of magnetic paper. Align one corner of your drawing to the corner of the adhesive paper so that you only need to trim to sides. Once you are finished applying the drawing to the adhesive paper, trim any excess material using a paper trimmer.

Step 5: Start Placing Magnets in Appropriate Places and Label

Awesome work! You have created fully functional magnets. You can now place the magnets on a white board appropriately and correctly label the relationships. Once you are done with the exercise, you can use the magnets for whatever you want! They are fully functional to add notes to the fridge, add decoration or whatever your heart desires!