Introduction: Foot Controlled Sanitizer Dispenser

I am a 10th class student.During this pandemic situation we Should be very safe in Oder to over come this situation we should not touch anything
so in this instructable I want to show you how to make foot controlled sanitizer dispenser,
It is easy to make and the materials used are easily available to you and no electronics are used in this project
and fully functional durable and tough.and I want you to be safe and healthy in this pandemic situation.


PVC pipe 15mm x1m
PVC pipe 20mm x1m
15mm PVC elbow
20mm PVC elbow & tee
12mm x 44mm compression spring
Small butt hinge
4 x L brackets
28cm long small chain
1in x 12in x 1ft round piece of wood
A spring

Step 1: Attaching PVC to Wood

Take 4 angle brackets and screw up the PVC to the wood so that it will be stif and still,
we have selected round piece of wood so that it will have a perfect base and area
then drop a spring into the PVC pipe as shown in the image.

Step 2: Fixing Elbows

Now keep the 15mm PVC in the 20mm PVC and check the size required and fix elbows
and tee elbow and attach a piece of pipe to it as shown in the image
and stick a bowl or a plastic container to keep sanitizer in it.

Step 3: Keep Holes

Now keep holes to the PVC pipe at just opposite sides of the Pipe and now attach fore brackets to a
rectangle piece of wood on one side and attach a chain to the other side of it with screws and now measure the chain
required to reach the hole on the 20mm PVC pipe now screw the rectangular piece of wood to the base and now make holes to the 15mm PVC pipe exactly at the holes of 20mm PVC and screw the chain to it. And it’s ready now to use and be safe and healthy.

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