Introduction: Foot Cozy

Do you get cold feet? By that I mean actual cold feet at night time. Not nervousness or hesitation. My feet get really cold at night when I get into bed, but then about the time I get all settled and fall asleep, they get warmed up. If I put socks on when I get in bed, I then wake up soon after falling asleep hot and uncomfortable, and struggle to remove the socks without fully waking up. And of course as you probably know, if you take your socks off in bed, one of them is sure to crawl off to join the herd of other single socks that must enter a fifth dimension and disappear for good, leaving you only one sock the next night, when you end up grumpy and frustrated, going to bed late after hunting for a pair of socks. Oh what a dilemma! Good thing my wife was able to swoop in like the Super Heroine that she is and save the day (by that I mean night and comfortable sleep). I would like to introduce you to the FOOT COZY. It is amazing and will definitely change your life for the better! The foot cozy is smaller than a pillowcase, but fun on the outside and warm, soft, and cozy on the inside. You can slip your cold miserable feet into it in a flash, when getting in bed. Get them warm, cozy, and cuddly, then just as you are drifting off to the best sleep you have ever had, and your feet are changing from ice cubes to warm stones in your bed, you can wiggle out of the foot cozy without going on a bear hunt in your blankets, letting your sleep not be interrupted and allowing you to still count those last few sheep as they leap over the top of the hill in the mountain meadow.

This is also a great gift idea! It is easy to make and a unique way to make someone you love feel warm and fuzzy.


½ yard outer fabric—cozy or fun print

½ yard lining fabric—cozy (minky, fuzzy, flannel, etc.)

Grosgrain ribbon 5/8” to 1” wide

Rotary cutter & mat




Sewing machine


Safety pin

Pins or sewing clips

Point 2 Point Turner (optional--not pictured)

Pinking Shears (optional—not pictured)

Note 1: The measurements here make a foot cozy for an adult male shoe size 12. You can change the outer and lining fabric sizes to meet your foot size needs.

Note 2: I washed and pressed my fabric prior to beginning

Note 3: Seam allowances are between 5/8” and 1” except where noted. The fuzzy material I used was quite wiggly, and I didn’t worry too much about having a precise seam allowance—I just wanted to make sure I was sewing through the multiple layers.

Step 1: Cut Fabric

a. Cut outer fabric into two pieces, each 18” length, 21” wide.

b. Cut lining fabric into two pieces, each 18” length, 21” wide.

*When cutting fuzzy fabric, it is easier to put right sides together and cut on the non-fuzzy “wrong” side.

Step 2: Sew Lining to Outer Fabric

a. Put right sides together of one lining piece and one outer piece

b. Pin or clip across the top (wide) edge

c. Sew together to make one panel

d. Press seam flat (if possible)

e. Repeat with remaining lining and outer piece to create second panel.

Step 3: Prepare the Two Panels

a. Place one panel, open, flat, with outer pieces together and lining pieces together, right sides together. Line up seam on each panel.

b. Secure all the way around with clips or pins

c. Use ruler and pen to mark 1 ½” on both sides of the seam, on one side of the panel. Indicate with a pin or clip each mark. I like to use clips all the way around and pins where I need to start and stop sewing.

d. Designate an area in the lining where you will leave an opening to turn. It should be big enough to fit your hand through. Again, I use pins to show where to start and stop.

Step 4: Sew Panels Together

a. Begin at 1 1/2 ” pin and sew all the way to the pin indicating where the opening in the lining is. Be sure to backstitch each time you start and stop sewing.

b. Begin sewing again after the lining opening all the way to the other 1 ½ ” pin mark above the seam.

c. Remove pins and clips as you sew.

Step 5: Fold and Sew Opening Around Seam

a. Fold back fabric around the opening around the seam. Open the hole so you do not sew the panels together. Sew (1/4” to ½” seam allowance) in a continuous seam in a loop to give the hole a finished edge. This is the trickiest part of making the Foot Cozy--but you can do it!

Step 6: Turn and Finish

a. Trim corners to reduce bulk, being careful not to clip through stitches.

b. Turn right-side out using opening in the lining.

c. Use point-2-point turner (optional) to push out corners in lining and outer fabric

d. Tuck in raw edges of the lining opening and sew closed (using ¼” to ½” seam allowance). I used a zig-zag stitch to help catch both layers, as the fuzzy fabric was difficult to see.

Step 7: Create Casing

a. Insert lining into outer cozy. Smooth out wrinkles and lumps before moving on to the casing.

b. Press upper edge (if possible)

c. Sew all the way around cozy, about 1 ½ ” from upper edge, beginning at open hole and stopping at other side of the hole to create the casing.

d. Edgestitch upper edge of casing, if desired. I did not edgstitch because of how the furry lining sticks above the cupcake fabric, and I like how that looks.

Step 8: Add Drawstring and Finish Foot Cozy

a. Cut ribbon 45”

b. Secure one end of the ribbon with a safety pin.

c. Feed the ribbon with the safety pin through the casing and out the other side of the hole

d. Remove safety pin and trim ribbon ends with pinking shears (optional). Overlap ribbon ends without twisting the ribbon. Overlap making a “T,” sew in a diagonal line, then trim. Or use a zig-zag stitch and sew in a straight line. The ribbon is now a loop.

Step 9: All Done! Enjoy Your Foot Cozy!

You can now use your Foot Cozy by putting in your feet and cinching the drawstring top. When you are warm enough, your feet can loosen the drawstring and easily exit the Foot Cozy.

Thanks for reading along! This is a fairly easy project that can be tackled by anyone. Please share pictures of your creations, and enjoy never wanting to get out of bed again!

* My daughter is modeling this cute cupcake version of the amazing Foot Cozy to spare you as the reader from having to see my large furry legs and cupcakes in the same image!

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