Introduction: Foot-Launched Tab Changer

When given a laptop in class, students are always tempted to go off task, such as watch youtube or play games. As teachers are not idiots, they often have unexpected checks on the student, in attempt to catch them guilty. My small brother, a elementary 6 grader, were given laptops in class for their projects, and the teacher often checks on their screen with a unique method: Have the students put their hands in the air to prevent them from swiping. According to my brother's complaint, he gets caught watching youtube because he couldn't change the tab in time, as his hands are in the air and unable to touch the laptop. Therefore, this project is dedicated to the elementary students to help them go off task in class, yet not get caught by the teachers weird method.

(This beta project is for Mac)

Step 1: 1. Supplies

This project is extremely cheap, as most it works on the Leonardo

  • 1 Arduino Leonardo
  • 1 blue resistor
  • 1 Button
  • 4 Wires
  • 1 Box

Step 2: 2. the Code & Breadboard

This project function over keyboard inputs, as the Leonardo simulates typing, sending keyboard input commands to your laptop. The inputs are the same as switching screens, through keyboard typing and not swiping.

the code is in the link below:

Step 3: 3. Set Up

For the actual input to function, the set up must be precise and exact for it to work. If not, keyboard input may mess up can cause your screen to change to another weird tab.

Set Up:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Open up a tab related to your class work. Such as google docs, slides, etc.
  3. Set the opened tab from (2) to the first tab on your search engine
  4. Open up your off task tab, on the same search engine and page, and set it to any other tab other than the first.
  5. Watch your youtube on full screen.


  • You must stay on the search engine and page for the input to work
  • The class work tab and youtube tab must be on the same tab list/page
  • Your currently operating app must be the search engine

Step 4: Demo

Here's a demonstration video to show how it'll work.