Introduction: Foot Mouse

Want to use a computer but don’t have hands? Well, then you need a foot mouse! A foot mouse is a simple and useful gadget that allows people without hands to use the everyday convenience of a computer.



Working computer mouse

Sheet of flexible plastic

Rubber bands

9v battery

Molding clay

TOOLS: Dremel BOSSLASER Super glue Heat gun Soldering gun

Step 1:

First, we took apart a normal, working wireless computer mouse. From this mouse we took the mouse computer chip to use in the foot mouse. Make sure not to damage any parts of the mouse. ( we had two mice because we wanted to experiment on which one would be the best to use for the project.)

Step 2:

Next, we used the program RDWorks to design and then cut both a plexi glass and a flexible plastic. We found out that the plexi glass does not work as well as the flexile plastic, because when we used the toe joints the plastic broke right away when pressure was applied. We cut both of these with a BOSSLASER, which was able to cut the pieces very precisely.

Step 3:

After that, we used moldable clay and a heat gun to shape the printed piece of plastic to fit a foot better. We did this by using one of our feet to mold the piece of clay, and once it was dry the next day, we put the cut out piece of flexible plastic in the clay mold. We then used the heat gun to melt the plastic and help it mold better to the clay foot mold.

Step 4:

After we molded the plastic it was time to attach and size the mold to the mouse. As we were trying at attach it we wound it is not that easy to get the clickers and the toe joints to line up. As we were trying to connect the toe joint to the mouse, we found that we can use a small receptors to help click the small clickers that the mouse had.

Step 5:

Last, we finished the construction on the mouse and the body the last thing we had to do was plug the USB in and see if it worked. As we plugged it in the computer recognize the USB as the mouse, after a couple of seconds the computer finished scanning the USB and the mouse connected and we found out that it worked. (We also made a rubber band strap so the foot using the mouse would have better control of the mouse while using it.)

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