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Introduction: Geeky Foot Print Cards

These adorable foot print cards are perfect for geeky moms and dads! They are a great way to involve a baby or young child in making a card for almost any occasion.

The cards are beautiful keepsakes and, as a series, they are a record of how much the child has grown between each special occasion.

For this instructable, I have included step-by-step instructions for a Harry Potter themed Father's Day card. The same process can be used for any other fandom, like the Star Wars examples shown.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • Paint (blue, tan, white, brown, black and yellow)
  • White paper
  • Two different shades of blue paper
  • Paper towel or a sponge
  • Glue

Step 2: Painting the Foot

First, you will need to put some blue paint on the paper towel and dab it onto the foot, starting at the toes and going just over half way up the foot. Nest put some tan paint on the rest of the foot and press it onto the paper. I recommend doing several footprint so you can pick the best one.

Step 3: Drawing

Once the paint is dry you can start drawing Dumbledore.

Step 4: Painting

Start filling in some of the holes. Then pain in the details that you drew on.

Step 5: Eyes and Glasses

For this step I used paint pens as it is easier to use on finer details. Paint of the eyes and the glasses and don't forget the smile.

Step 6: Glueing

Cut your footprint paper to the size you want and then glue it to the lighter of your blue papers. Then cut it to size.

Step 7: Putting It Together

Fold your darker blue paper the card size that will fit your footprint picture. Cut another piece of white paper so that it fits on the card as shown in the picture and glue it down. Write I A-Dumbledore you down the side and whoever it is for on the bottom. Now glue the footprint onto the card.

Now you have a super adorable handmade card!

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