Introduction: Foot Rest

This was made for my IB design tech class

This tutorial will explain how to make the 3 simple parts to make the foot rest, and the materials needed

Step 1 Sides

Step 2 Foot rest (place where foot rests)

Step 3 Putting the parts together

Step 1: Sides

For this step you need two pieces of wood, cardboard cut in a trapezoid shape. While this can be changed for the one i made the dimensions for this piece where 11X12X5X9 inches. Picture of cardboard is included to better see how the trapezoidal shape is like.

Step 2: Place Where Foot Rests

This step requires one piece of cardboard or wood cut in a rectangular shape. Again this can be adjusted to better fit your feet but the one I made was 11X10X11X10.

Step 3: Putting the Parts Together

This part is fairly simple and I involves putting the pieces you made together for a finished product if using wood I used screws but for my cardboard model I used gorilla glue. The two pieces you first made are used as a base to sandwich the rectangular piece. This rectangular piece is where your foot is resting while using it so instead of putting it perpendicular to the floor I decided to put it at a 35 degree slant to be more comfortable.