Introduction: Football 45th Anniversary Sign Plaque

About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them.

Hi guys, my local High School football teams in my hometown had a anniversary last year, it was the 45th rivalry game. It's East vs West, and I thought i would make a tribute plaque. So I will try and show to steps involve in making such a plaque.

I have also included a Video of me making this.

What you will need:

CNC Router ( I am using the X-Carve CNC)

CAD/CAM program ( I am using Vectric Aspire)

Wood Blank ( I am using Maple Wood)

90 Degree V-Bit

1/4" Endmill Bit

1/8" Ballnose Bit

Sandpaper and wedge

Rotary Tool with attachments

Minwax Gunstock Fiinish

Black and White Craft Paint

Paint Brushes

Clear Gloss Finish

Step 1: Design

I open the program Vectric Aspire, set my dimensions ( 29" x 71/2" x 25/32").

Then I created a border, made the yard lines, then I made some border boxes for the numbers. Added the numbers the boxes. Then I put the words East Vs West in some more boxes.

Note the boxes are just place holders, we will hide then before doing the actual carving.

Next I found a image of a Football helmet on the Internet, imported it into Aspire and done a Trace on it. Now I have the vectors of the helmet. Made a duplicate and reverse it, centered them on the design. Also added the the E and W in each helmet.

Step 2: Setup Toolpaths

Next I added the appropriate toolpaths for the design. I highlighted the appropriate vectors and done a Textured Toolpath, V-Carve Toolpath, Pocket Toolpath and a Profile Toolpath.

Then I preview it, before doing the carving.

Step 3: Carve

Installed stock in my X-Carve CNC, carved the textured toolpath first, using a 90 degree V-Bit. Also while this bit was installed, I v-carved the East vs West and the M and W. Then I installed a 1/4" endmill and pocketed over the texture, leaving part of the texture look. Then I installed a 1/8" Ballnose bit and done a profile Toolpath on the yard lines.

Step 4: Sand, Stain & Paint

After carving, removed it from the CNC and done a little detail sanding, using a rotary tool and a sand paper wedge.

Blew and wipe off real good. Stained with Minwax Gunstock finish, let it set overnight. Then sprayed a coat of Clear finish. Let it dry for a few hours, then painted the lettering and Numbers with Craft paint.

Then the next day, sprayed a couple coats of Clear Gloss finish.

Step 5: Enjoy

Then hangup and enjoy, I hope this Instructable encourages you to think outside of the box and gave you some ideals. You could do this for your local Football teams or for a Superbowl. Thanks for checking out my Instructable.