Introduction: Football Helmet

A mini model of a football helmet (customizable to your favorite team) ( This is a mashup project (helmet base and your favorite team's logo (or even your own logo)) I remixed Steelers Football Helmet designed by "a child right in front of you" (


Tinkercad account

Favorite football team (or your own team)

Love for tinkering

Step 1: Helmet Base

Use existing helmet base created by tinkercad user or design your own (remove existing design on helmet if needed).

Step 2: Logo

Find your favorite teams logo (check out their team helmet design) or create your own logo (you can even use the doodle tool in Tinkercad). If image, download (and edit if you want using tools like Inkscape) and import into Tinkercad. Attach the logo onto the helmet.

Step 3: Finale

Add any final touches you would like to add, and 3D print!

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