Introduction: Football Skills

In this Instructable you will learn how to do two different football skills. Firstly, the stopover. Secondly, the Zidane Turn.

Step 1: Skill 1: the Stepover

The stepover is a very simple fake which will definitely fool the defender. This easy but efficient trick is one of the most used by footballers and in vented by Law Adams. These are the simple steps to make a stepover.

Step 2: 1 Vs. 1

Get in a one vs. one position against the defender.

Step 3: Use Your Strong Foot

Next, bring your preferred foot over the ball, creating the shape of a circle from the inside to the outside. Do this in a quick motion.

Step 4: Move the Ball to the Side

Then, move the ball to the other side with your other foot.

Step 5: Complete the Skill

Finally, bring the ball forwards to complete the skill.

Step 6: Step 2: the Zidane Turn

The Zidane turn is a very classy skill which dribbles the defender perfectly. This trick isn’t a fake but more of a turn to get past the defender. Even though it is harder to do, compared to the other one, this trick is very efficient.

Step 7: 1 Vs. 1

Firstly, get in a one vs on position against the defender. Make sure to have a 1.50 m to 2.00 m gap between you and the opponent.

Step 8: Bring the Ball Forward

Next, bring the ball forwards with your strong foot.

Step 9: Pull the Ball Backwards

When you arrive very close to the defender, pull the ball back slightly, with your preferred foot.

Step 10: Spin on Ball

Then, spin on the ball, bring your weak foot on the ball and bring it forwards with the sole of your foot. Don't forget to give a hard touch to the ball when doing this.

Step 11: Finalize

Finally, continue your run with your strong foot.